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We Stand Against Hate


We stand against hate - you should too.

Over the past weekend, multiple hate crimes and public acts of discrimination were committed against our performing arts students and programs. These incidents were based on homophobia, antisemitism, ableism, and racism (see image below), and are deeply concerning on multiple levels.

The Newport Harbor Performing Arts Academy unequivocally denounces this discrimination and wholeheartedly supports it's disabled, Jewish, LGBTQIA+ and ethnically diverse students. We are working tirelessly to ensure that the students affected by this situation feel empowered and receive the support they need to process these events.

It is often recognized that the performing arts community - one that itself has seen an immense amount of opposition - is a welcoming, safe space for ALL. NHPAA embraces this reputation and seeks to promote these values of kindness, acceptance, and diversity in all that it does.

To our NHPAA students: know that you are welcome here.

To our teachers and administrators: know that we undoubtedly thank you for the allyship you display every day.

To our NHPAA parents: know that we are thankful for the open-minded, accepting children you have raised.

To our antagonizers: know that your actions have ramifications far more immense than you know. We denounce your views, but stand open and ready to educate if and when there is a time you acknowledge your wrongdoings.

To our entire NHHS community: know that your reaction - or lack thereof - to hate is imperative. Indifference in the face of discrimination is unfortunately common and always a problem. Stand against hate with us and for us by wearing the NHPAA shirt (pictured above) or black to school this Friday November 4th and by sharing this message on social media. We can all be the change - let's get to work.

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