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It's the start of something new at NHHS - Introducing the company of Disney's High School Musical!

Disney Channel's smash hit movie musical is set to take the stage at Newport Harbor Theatre Company March 7th-10th, 2024! Tickets are on sale beginning Wednesday February 7th at 10am at

It's the first day after winter break at East High: The Jocks, Brainiacs, Thespians and Skater Dudes find their cliques, recount their vacations and look forward to the new year.

Basketball team captain and resident jock, TROY BOLTON (Nicholas Earnhart '26), discovers that the brainy GABRIELLA MONTEZ (Lucy Berg '24), a girl he met singing karaoke on his ski trip, has just enrolled at East High!

Ignoring the pressure from friends like TAYLOR MCKESSIE (Sophia Jara '26) and CHAD DANFORTH (Claudio Gonzalez '25) to stick to the status quo, Troy and Gabriella jump at the chance to audition for the school musical, Juliet & Romeo, written by East High's very own Shakespearette, sophomore KELSI NIELSON (Shelby Kliewer '26).

Much to the dismay of glittery SHARPAY EVANS (Maya Snowden '24), president of the Drama Club, and her twin brother RYAN EVANS (Sam Price '24), Vice President of the Drama Club, resident stars of East High Theatre, the newfound actors receive a callback for the musical's lead roles.

Seemingly encouraged by Troy and Gabriella's boldness, ZEKE BAYLOR (Maximilian Lalli '26), MARTHA COX (Reiko De La Pena '27), and RIPPER (Charlie Gassel '27) break free from stereotypes by sharing their true passions with their classmates.

Pandemonium ensues! The JOCKS (Kas Kong '26 and Ellie Robinson '24), The BRANIACS (Hailey Ayala Aguilar '27, Emily Giron '27, Merey Kurmanaly '24, Jane McDonald '26 and Maya Ramirez '26), The SKATERS (Alix Campos '25, Charlie Gassel '27) and the colorful band of THESPIANS (Sage Baranoski '26, E Cadwell '26, Charlize Finlay '25, Sophia Harris '27 and Olivia Simpson '26) begin to plot against each other in a wild display of high school legerdemain, all the while eccentric theatre teacher MS. DARBUS (Caroline Coatsworth '24) and decorated Wildcat COACH BOLTON (Braden Spicer '25) deal with an "athletics VS. arts" turf-war of their own.

Through spirited dance from the WILDCAT CHEERLEADERS (Charlie Gassel '27, Rylee Richardson '27, Heather Rivard '27 and Olivia Simpson '26), and heartfelt song from the well-rounded ENSEMBLE (Sage Baranoski '26, Gabrielle Beneventi '27, E Cadwell '26, Alix Campos '25, Charlize Finaly '25, Charlie Gassel '27, Sophia Harris '27, Edyth Lutz '26, Rylee Richardson '27, Heather Rivard '27, Ellie Robinson '24 and Olivia Simpson '26), the cast of High School Musical is ready to deliver a stellar performance.

Behind the curtain, our STAGE MANAGER Sophie Flandrois '25 takes charge of our entirely student-run tech team, supported by ASSISTANT STAGE MANAGER Sammie Boese '25 and ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Sam Price '24. LIGHTING DESIGNER Omar Babovic '24 and LIGHTING TEAM Mckenzie Dixon '27 and Angel Sasikumar '26 will illuminate the fabulous early 2000's style costumes managed by COSTUME MANAGER Ana Karen Gomez '24 and COSTUME TEAM Claudio Gonzalez '25, Mia Schiesel '24, Olive Dibb '25, and Amber Avila '24, as well as the beautiful looks created by HAIR + MAKEUP DESIGNER Sammie Boese '25 and HAIR + MAKEUP TEAM Esmeralda Vazquez '24, McKenzie Dixon '27, Giselle Cornejo '25 and Amber Avila '24. PROJECTION + SCENIC DESIGN by Cole Andersen '27 and Sova Shultz, PROPS DESIGN by Unissa Carlberg '25 with the assistance of PROPS TEAM Evelyn Hernandez '25 and Chloe Larson '26 plus AUDIO DESIGNER Wesley Kaiser '25 and PUBLICITY TEAM Claudio Gonzalez '25 round out the design team. DECK LEAD Hailey Peterson '26 and her RUN CREW Theo Espinoza '26, Getsemani Torres '24, Jordan Espana '24, Kimberley Bernal '24 and Zenya Nyman '24 will handle scene changes, entrances and more.

Our outstanding creative team and production staff, lead by PRODUCER + DIRECTOR Mrs. Lissa Slay, includes VOCAL DIRECTOR Mr. Jeffery Lara-Ledón, CHOREOGRAPHER Mr. Justin Goei, MUSIC DIRECTOR Mr. Andy Julian, PUBLICITY MANAGER + PRODUCTION ASSISTANT Ms. Gabriella Earnhart, COSTUME MENTOR Ms. Andrea Birkholm and SET MENTOR + BUILDER Mr. Nick Hobson.

Disney's High Scool Musical, presented by Newport Harbor Theatre Company, runs March 7th-10th, 2024 at the Costa Mesa Performing Arts Center! Tickets are $10 for students (standard), $20 for adults (standard) and $30 for VIP Sailor Seating (front row center seats, elevated concession experience + concierge service). Sales begin Wednesday February 7th at 10am at

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